My name is "Monroenixx", I'm a published model,& have done runway, photo, and video. I will be release my modeling photos here at 5k followers. :) You can always view my photos at the modeling portfolio below. :) Feel free to ask me stuff I promise I don't bite. :) Promote yourself to my followers by entering your blog URL below (:

My first one lol.
Thigh Highs without the garter $24.00 @
Awesome Tights $24.00 @
Cross imitation tights, $24.00 @
Red corset dress, without pullover, $89.00 @
Gothic Prom Dress, $89.00 @
Get this cute Gothic dress, $72.00 @
Throw a little Kawaii in there.
There is an artist, who turns his daughters scribbles into beautiful works of art. :)
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