Hey everyone! This is the real Model Monroenixx, this is my new tumblr! I made an official email so I thought I deserved an Official tumblr, & here I am.
I wanted to post some beautiful things for you but now I have to go prepare my darlings dinner. 
I would post to tumblr more is hashtagging was easier.
I just want to reach 500 followers and start posting photos of myself and my modeling Dx 


Lmao I faild to spam you yesterday so I will have to today.


I’m Going to try and spam the fuck out of ya today c:

Just a little reminder :)
I just feel like tumblr tonight :)
Want a gothic bedroom so bad UGH.
Gosh she is pretty!

almost there

getting close to 500 followers. :D Cannot wait to start posting my modeling photos

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